New Publication led by PhD student Allie Slemon looks at the way discrimination is captured using the Everyday Discrimination Scale in quantitative research, and argues that we may be under-estimating these experiences. Intersectional approaches are needed to understand actual impacts of discrimination!

Congratulations to the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society (COEFS), who were successful in receiving 2021-2022 UBC Community-University Engagement Support (CUES) funds to support ongoing partnership development with the Capacity Research Unit as part of a larger project looking at implementing an innovative outreach program to support women affected by violence.   The Central Okanagan Elizabeth […]

We are pleased to share findings from the STRENGTH Pilot study (April 15, 2018 to January 28, 2020). Please see our report on this community-based, participatory action pilot study to design a women-led, strengths-based, trauma informed model of outreach in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) neighbourhood of Vancouver. The STRENGTH project was built upon the expertise […]

In this article, published in a special issue of the journal “Social Sciences” dedicated to the occupational health and safety of sex workers, we explore the impact of the use of communication technologies on the occupational health and safety of sex workers in Canada.

We are pleased to share the first of our STRENGTH study findings. Please click on "Capacity Highlights" to view our infographic on a strengths-based outreach approach to working with women in the  Downtown Eastside (DTES) neighbourhood in Vancouver.

Authors: Alissa Greer, Vicky Bungay, Bernie Pauly, Jane Buxton Publication: International Journal of Drug Policy Volume: 85   What we know There is limited knowledge in the literature about the experiences of people who use drugs and are engaged in peer work in harm reduction settings across BC. This is an important avenue of research […]

Authors: Ingrid Handlovsky, Vicky Bungay, Joy Johnson, John Oliffe Publication: Sociology of Health and Illness Volume: 10   What we know There is limited knowledge about how middle-aged and older gay men manage their health, considering that they experience health inequalities caused by homophobia, heteronormativity and discrimination. It is important to explore this avenue of […]

The Capacity Research Unit is hiring a 0.8FTE post-doctoral fellow! Working directly with Dr. Bungay the post-doctoral fellow will collaborate with project community co-leads situated in Vancouver and Kelowna. The post-doctoral fellow will lead the implementation of intervention data collection activities within the Vancouver site and provide mentorship and training to research assistants participating in […]

This is a post doctoral fellowship at the Capacity Research and Critical Research In Health And Health Care Inequities programs, at the UBC School of Nursing. They will lead the design and implementation of a scoping review study on engagement of people with lived experience of drug use and drug stigma in research, policy and […]

Women have been particularly affected by this pandemic and are grappling daily with challenges to their safety and security. These challenges are made worse by poverty, limited housing options, and the tremendous food insecurity that exists. When the pandemic hit, the Capacity Research Unit and Inner City Women’s Initiatives Society worked together to find ways […]