Street to Screen

Street to Screen

Thank-you to everyone who has taken part in this study. We are most appreciative of your time. Enrollment is now closed. Please check back regularly for updates as we begin to report back on what we learned.

The Street-to-Screen study is among the first in Canada to investigate the ways that people who sell and purchase sexual services use information and communications technology (ICTs) such as smart phones, the Internet, and email. We are interested in examining how these technologies are being used to develop relationships, exchange information and facilitate the face-to-face exchange of sexual services. The study is also interested in studying how these technologies are related to people’s safety, security, and privacy when exchanging services as well as how they are being used in Canada’s current legal context.

The Goal and Objectives

Through a national online survey and qualitative interviews, our goal is to provide a unique opportunity for ALL people who have had the experience of exchanging money for sexual services with a safe, secure and confidential venue for sharing their attitudes, opinions and experiences without fear of judgement, persecution or prosecution.

The Approach

Most sex industry research focuses on the attitudes, understandings or experiences of either people who provide sexual services (i.e., sex workers) OR the people who purchase these services (i.e., clients). We are seeking to provide a forum for both people who sell and pay for sex or sexual services. We believe that bringing the voices and perspectives together will help to better understand the complexities of the sex industry in Canada, and in particular the factors influencing health and safety within, and in relation to, the industry.

Funded By

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Publications and Related Resources

  • Information and Communication Technologies in Commercial Sex Work: A Double-Edged Sword for Occupational Health and Safety (January 2021): Click here.

More Information

Principal Investigator
Dr. Victoria Bungay

The Team

This research project is based in Vancouver, British Columbia with Principal Investigators Dr. Vicky Bungay, University of British Columbia School of Nursing and Chris Atchison, University of Victoria Department of Sociology.

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