Food access and security has become a bigger issue than ever before, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020. The Capacity Research Unit and our community research partner in the DTES – Inner-City Women’s Initiatives Society (ICWIS) – are working together to provide essential food services to women in the DTES. Under the leadership […]

Effective March 16th, Capacity is a virtual research unit. All UBC students and staff are working remotely until further notice. You can reach any of our team by email. Stay safe and healthy, and let’s all keep working together to prevent further spread of COVID-19. For more detail on how to prevent the spread see […]

Capacity is hiring! We are looking for an experienced research assistant for our national, community-based partnership project, "Scaling Up Trauma and Violence Informed Outreach with Women Affected by Violence."

Today marks the 26th International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls. We’d like to recognize, however, that violence against women and girls has been a reality for much longer than 26 years. That being said, today is a day of resistance against gendered oppression, of education about systemic inequity, and of […]

Sunny Jiao is a Graduate Research Assistant at Capacity Research Unit and has been a part of our team since September 2016. She is currently a PhD student at the UBC School of Nursing. Having previously worked as a psychiatric liaison nurse in an emergency room, she saw the need for improved service provision, especially for individuals who experience mental health and substance use challenges.

Emergency departments have the potential to diminish impacts of socially constructed conditions and barriers, therefore our research looks at a study protocol for an organizational intervention to promote equity in health care.

Sex work includes men, however they are very under researched. Our research looked at how Canadian men engaged in sex work navigate and resist stigma to protect their mental health.

POSITION FILLED: The Capacity Research Unit is hiring a Course Development Coordinator to support the development of an online course to prepare undergraduate students in the theory and practice of outreach.

Welcome to the new Capacity Research Unit website! At the Capacity Research Unit, our focus is interdisciplinary research that is community-based and shaped by community-academic collaborations. Together with our partners, we address discrimination and inequities in healthcare and social services. It is important that all of our communication vehicles, including the website, reflect the go-forward research program focus. Hence, our new look!

The Capacity Research Unit, based at UBC’s School of Nursing, will receive $2,499,946 over seven years to implement and test a trauma and violence-informed outreach intervention for women and girls affected by violence. This project is one of 17 projects awarded funding through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant Program and includes collaborations with 14 service and academic organizations across three Canadian provinces.